Forum Moderation

I appreciate that Plasm values an open discussion and forum for the community, it is a great strength that the team is willing to listen and consider all points of view. But at this stage I think it would be good to see some forum moderation for posts that are repeatedly bringing up a closed issue. Especially when the posts are off the topic of the original message.


I think open discussion is good. I think maybe the point is people are being told their value to the community is nil yet they locked Eth and therefore added great value to the community and the project whether PLM was claimed or not. Surely the people who locked Eth and contributed to TVL are by definition contributors to the project and maybe this is the point being raised by many people. Just a thought.


Yes I think we need more forum modification. We need to keep deleting all the posts :rofl:

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Seems to be a lot of ‘moderation’ going on :joy: